Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is without
a doubt, the fastest and easiest way
to make money online.

No products of your own to design, build, ship, etc, means you get all the benefits without the downsides. You can simple concentrate on running your sites and collecting your affiliate commission checks.

The principle couldn't be easier...

You choose products to promote on your site, relevant to your content, which have what is known as an 'Affiliate Program'.
This simply means that the company, or 'merchant', is prepared to pay you for any sales they get, when someone clicks through from your site and buys.

You use a simple link on your site, which when clicked, identifies YOU as the one who sent one of your visitors to the merchant's site. If that visitor buys, YOU earn a commission.

How much? Well this varies and is between around 4% right up to 75% of the sale. You are normally paid bi-weekly or monthly on the sales from the previous period.

A Few Well Known And Extremely Popular Affiliate Programs

Covering literally MILLIONS of products, so it doesn't matter what niche you're in, you're almost certain to find suitable products to promote.

So if your site is around weight loss for instance, you know that any visitor who comes to your site, is interested in losing weight. It makes sense that they might be willing to spend money on the right product, as long as it's going to speed up their weight loss, make it less stressful, etc.

Think about how YOU surf or shop online. You may well have bought products online before, well... there's a chance some of the things you have purchased have been through an affiliate link.

For instance...

You're reading about the latest news or researching on a subject you're interested in and there's a link or banner for something which looks interesting to you. Maybe because it's showing you how to do something better, speed something up or it helps you in some other way. You click the link and are sent to a salespage which makes total sense to you, it's the right price so you click and buy.

The affiliate who referred you there, through the link on their site, will now earn commission from the product you bought.

Everyone got what they wanted. Everyone is happy!

Affiliate Marketing Is An Amazing Business Model

  • You sell other peoples products, online, with just a website link and earn a commission.
  • You don't deal with customers yourself. No face to face, phone calls, emails, no contact at all.
  • You are effectively an anonymous 'Agent' for the company or merchant selling the products.
  • No stock to keep, no premises, just a PC and internet connection.
  • There are thousands of affiliate programs online. You can be an affiliate for literally millions of products in virtually every niche imaginable.

For the majority of affiliate programs you don't need any qualifications or experience. (A few programs might want experienced affiliates only, but this is rare.)

Who uses Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is used by 1000's of online companies, including huge household names such as Amazon, Ebay, Barnes & Noble etc, as a way to get extra business.

You have seen the HUGE websites which compare 100's of online deals for holidays, insurance etc? They are a form of affiliate marketing. They earn a commission from sales they make. But with so much choice on their sites, chances are you don't need to look elsewhere, so they earn from a large percentage of their visitors.

The company wins, the customer wins and the affiliate wins.

Here's a quote from one of the articles we feature further down the page:

Helen Southgate, senior online marketing manager at BSkyB and the Internet Advertising Bureau's (IAB) affiliate marketing council chair, is keen to allay the fears of those suspicious of web-based income schemes.

"Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate an income from online advertising, regardless of the size of your business," she says. "It has been growing in stature and is highly regarded by key advertisers from large blue chip companies to SMEs."

How Big is Affiliate Marketing?

The UK affiliate market was worth £3.82B in 2008, a 22% increase from £3.13B in 2007. An estimated £227M was paid in 2008 in commissions and fees to affiliates and networks.
[Econsultancy Affiliate Marketing Buyer's Guide 2009].

But it's grown year on year since then...

Clickbank recently announced it reached $2 Billion in Total Revenue Paid Out to Online Entrepreneur Clients. And during the "3 year period from 2008-2011 revenue payouts doubled from $1 billion to $2 billion, reinforcing the affiliate marketing industry as a growth sector of the economy during the global recession".

Forrester Research forecasts the affiliate marketing industry to reach $4 billion in annual revenues by 2014.

In other words, Affiliate Marketing is HUGE and you only need a very small piece of the pie to have a successful online business.

How Much Can You Really Earn with Affiliate Marketing?

That depends. It's not like a 9 to 5 job with a salary. What you earn depends on how seriously you take it. Remember it's your business and if you take it seriously it can be life changing.

There are affiliates earning ridiculous amounts of money ($millions a year) and those earning $50 a month. You get out of it what you put in.

"A recent nationwide survey in the United Kingdom has found a growing number of teenagers are running successful online businesses from their bedrooms. 21,000 teenagers are earning in excess of £60,000 (approximately $95,000) per annum - nearly three times the average UK salary.

Those numbers only just scratch the service and the world-wide-web has been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other business channel in recent years."

So To Recap...

  • You build a site around a 'niche'. Weight loss, football, dog training, internet marketing, software, dog training... the list is endless.
  • You find products relevant and beneficial to your niche, which have an affiliate program.
  • You join the affiliate programs Get your personalised link or banners etc.
  • Use them in your blog posts to direct your visitors to the products.
  • When they buy... you earn.

Affiliate Marketing really is the fastest and easiest way to earn online. And it's what Automated Paydays is based on. That's why you can start so quickly because you don't have to develop your own products, import stuff, dropship, pack, etc etc.

Everything is taken care of with just one link!