If You Think Automated Paydays Is A Scam...
You NEED To Read This

If you don't yet understand what affiliate marketing is, please make sure you've read the Affiliate Marketing page here before reading this page

Before I get into this, let me just recap on what Automated Paydays actually is. When you know exactly what you're getting, it's easier for you to decide whether it's a 'scam' or not, right?

Automated Paydays is a huge 'Members Area' based site which teaches you how to
effectively build a legitimate, long lasting online business.

Myself and my very experienced, knowledgeable team, have put together the ultimate collection of tried and tested strategies, which you can simply copy to begin building your very own online business.

And most importantly we offer a 7 Day Trial. If you don't like what you get just cancel before the 7 days are up and you'll never be billed again.

I don't think that's usual for a 'scam'.

Even If You Aren't Joining us Inside, Let Me Give You A Very Valuable Tip

When you start out online it can be very confusing. There are SO many guides proclaiming to teach you the best way to start earning. But be careful. Many of the tactics you'll see offered have a very short shelf life. (And they cost as much as Automated Paydays, but for just one technique).

They rely too much on using other sites such as Youtube, Facebook etc, rather than on building a solid foundation to your business, by having your OWN website. Many people have lost their online income overnight, as certain sites changed their policies, wiping out those who relied on them solely.

Once you have your own site you can then use Youtube etc to drive traffic to your site, not as a primary business model.

Can you see how that makes sense?

So.. we practise what we preach and Automated Paydays will show you step by step how to get started the right way and build from there.

No promises of overnight riches, no push button software, no flavour of the month tactics... just what works now, has worked in the past and will continue to work in the future.

We include a number of PROVEN and legitimate ways to set up your business online. Ways that will mean you can move forward confidently, knowing you are building your business on a solid foundation and you can expand as much as you want.

Automated Paydays is actually multiple, quality guides, which means it will be all you need, even as you grow online.

We've Included Step by Step Guides On;

  • Affiliate Marketing. What it is, how to choose what to promote, how to set up your site, converting visitors into sales and everything else we've learnt to speed up your results.
    Click here to read more on this subject
  • Promoting your own product. Maybe you don't want to do this yet. No problem, many people feel the same way. But it's there ready for if and when you do.
  • Starting your own affiliate based ecommerce store. We believe this is one of the most solid ways to begin your affiliate marketing business. You're going to love what we have developed for you.
  • Building a list of subscribers. The tactic used by the most successful online businesses. This can be used on its own AND bolts onto any of the other primary strategies beautifully.
  • Various other legitimate, proven but more advanced techniques.

Of course, with any online venture you need traffic, so we've included literally 100's of both free and paid, proven techniques and resources, to flood your site with visitors.

Because it's such a vast website, we have included 'Steps' pages so you simply follow along.

We've Made It As Simple To Follow As Possible...

You start at the appropriately titled Getting Started page:

Laid out literally step by step... You just follow along.

  • You Start At The Steps Page
  • Work Through Each Step
  • Tick It Off When Complete
  • Once Finished You'll Have At Least One Live Website and be receiving visitors
  • Keep adding the traffic sources and/or websites to build up your income
Once you have completed the Steps, you will be up and running.

Now you can 'rinse and repeat' by building more websites, or move on to one of the other strategies.

To see exactly what you get in these other sections, see the
So What Do You Actually Get With Automated Paydays? page

A little more about me and my team...

I have made an extremely good living in the last few years from using what we teach in Automated Paydays. I am still a very successful affiliate marketer myself (I love the business model), but I have now added developing my own products to the mix.

I've kept myself to myself and got on with my own business. I don't crave internet 'celebrity', I just love what I do, the none 9 to 5 day and the lifestyle it affords me. I also genuinely love to help show other people how to succeed online.

Working with my 'Project Groups' drove that home to me, so now I have developed Automated Paydays. I can hold my head up high too, because I have yet to see an online program that can match it for the sheer amount of useful info you get.

Simple really.

Most of my team are active affiliate marketers too, so as you can imagine we have a lot of tactics, tips and strategies to share with you.

But we have something else to offer which is great help and support from my team. If you get stuck, they can help you out.

Automated Paydays is Simply Outstanding Value...

There are many products online which teach you how to do affiliate marketing the right way. Some are flimsy 10 page PDF's (yet still cost $20 or $30), some are massive and thorough courses, with videos, PDF's audios and countless other resources, which can easily cost $500+.

And yet Automated Paydays costs a mere $27.95 a month. Access to just a fraction of the reports and instruction videos we include are worth more than that alone.

But that's not all...

As I mentioned, you also get help and support, from our dedicated team, for no extra charge.

So you really can check it all out and if you aren't happy you get a refund.

If you don't think what you get is good value... then you can claim a full refund.

Will you make a fortune?

We can't guarantee that. No-one can, so don't believe them. However, if you put in the work, you'll reap the rewards for your efforts. And you increase your chances of success by having the info in Automated Paydays because you are not working in the dark. You'll KNOW what to do from the beginning.

So... does all this look like a scam to you?

  • $4.95 for access to everything listed here for 7 days: So What Do You Get
  • Superb support and help when you get stuck
  • A dedicated refund policy and support team to handle problems and requests.

Let me just end by saying there are many people online who use discrediting tactics to shift focus to their products or the products they are promoting. The majority of these people haven't even seen the actual products they are discrediting or calling a scam.

It's ok, it's an easy to use tactic. But if in doubt, compare what we offer with their offerings.

Then YOU decide.