Do What The Guru's DO... Not What They SAY!

It's time YOU discovered the truth . . . and became 'Guru' Proof! So first of all, let's look at the DON'TS, then we'll look at the DO'S...

1: Don't Get Scammed By The GURU's

Why more people don't spot this is incredible. Look at what the guru's DO themselves, not at what they are selling you! You'll see a distinct difference.

They tell you that you don't need a website... so how come THEY have one? (Actually, some have lots of websites).

If you can make millions from their 'push button' product or software, without a website, why don't they use it? Well, that's simply because websites are where the real power is. Long lasting, sustainable, adapable, expandable... REAL income.

And all this rubbish about websites take time to build, that they aren't easy to do and that having someone build you one can cost $1000's... what a crock.

You know WHY they try and put you off? So you fall into their trap and buy their stuff. Simple. By the way... I'm going to show you how to build a real money making website, with your own domain name, fully expandable, looking how YOU want and tricked out to do whatever you want it to do... in just a couple of hours.

In other words less time than you probably waste in a day looking for the next wonder product.

2: Don't Buy Push-Button Software

Do you REALLY believe that you can buy software, which makes you rich at the click of a button?

No... me neither. And here's why...

To be successful online you need 3 things:

  1. A website
  2. Products to promote
  3. Visitors

Ok, I hear you. Some of them will actually give you a 'cookie cutter' site. (Obviously worth $1,876 according to their hype. LOL) But these aren't usually very expandable and they are the same sites they are selling 1000's of other people. Do you want to be a clone?

They suggest products to promote so you earn commission. Nothing wrong with that principle. It' called Affiliate Marketing and it has made some people millionaires.


They usually stuff the site with THEIR products. Clever actually. More earning for them from YOUR site. There's also very little real content, so it's hard to get ranked in the search engines.

No rankings... no free search engine traffic.

Then of course there's the fact you need visitors. There are NO buttons you can push for that. I'll show you ways to get targeted visitors to your site free, quickly and easily. It's not difficult, but the guru's don't want you to know exactly how easy it is.

"The 2 things I loke most about Automated Paydays... how it's laid out because it's so easy to follow. And the support. I had a few things I didin't understand at the begining and Jamie's team were great. They helped me iron our a gew issues and now I'm finally earning a regular, growing income online."

-R Jones. Ft Myers USA

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3: Don't Fall For Fake Screenshots, Fast Cars & Cute Chicks/Guys

Marketers are taught to use these images to play with your emotions and build your desire for the product. It's classic advertising psychology.

So you picture yourself in the flash car, living in the beautiful house by the ocean, with the gorgeous guy/girl on your arm because you've finally made it.

And the screenshots of earnings? Have you heard of Photoshop?

Ok, so some of the shots are real. But they aint from using the product you're buying. More likely their earnings from the last big launch they had.

They could be from any number of their other products, so remember that before you become 'earnings hypnotised'.

Pleeease . . . ENOUGH bull****!

Don't Fall For The "You DON'T need SEO, PPC, PPV, Google, A Website, Products etc." Rubbish

Sorry, here it comes... WHAT A CROCK!!

For a start, with many of the products they say you don't need all this, but after the pitch and you've parted with your hard earned cash... what do you know? The first thing they tell you to do is... set-up a website?!!

It makes me SO mad that they are getting away with this. Here's why

When you make money online one of your priorities is getting your site listing and ranked in the major search engines. Most important of which is GOOGLE. And it's not dfficult, I've done it in 3 days before.

You need your site to show up in the results, when someone searches for what you're selling. Now Google is a very clever company. Their priority is giving their searchers EXACTLY what they want. And they are good at weeding out the crap.

One of the main things you need to be aware of is that Google is constantly improving how it ranks sites. Take advantage of this and you'll receive lots of Google love... which basically means LOADS of free targeted visitors.

Try and 'play' Google and it will crush you.

If as according to the Guru's, you don't need any of this... where do you get your visitors? The most lucrative, successful sites are ranked in Google.

That's WHY they are lucrative and successful.

It's a fact that many of the shiny big products don't work any more because they didn't play ball with Google. They tried to be clever or tricky and it cost them dearly.

Why on earth would you want to swim against the tide?

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