A Special Note From Jamie Shaw... The Creator Of Automated Paydays

What DO You Need To
"Earn Consistently Online?

First of all, let me explain something to you. No matter what you think or you've been told, if you are still searching for overnight riches, you'll end up frustrated and more than likely broke.

EVERY successful online marketer that I know, does what I am about to reveal and I know this is going to make perfect sense to you. What YOU don't know yet, is that it's so easy you'll kick yourself if you've already wasted your time and money by falling for the guru's snake oil pitches.

If you really want to earn a substantial, regular, long lasting income online... stick to the following like glue:

1: Your Own Website

You need a REAL website of your own, with your own hosting and domain name. And the cost? Around $20 a year! NOT $997+ as some gurus would lead you to believe in their sales hype.

The thing is, most people who are new to making money online think you need a PHD to build an effective website. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact having bought some of the guru offerings in my early online days, I now know that "YOU can set a website up just as fast as you can get to grips with the guru's so called push button stuff.

The difference is, your website will still be making money.. long after the push button trash has stopped working/been banned/ become over saturated.

2. A Popular, High Payout Niche

The fastest way to earn online, BY A MILE, is affiliate marketing. And it's SO simple...

There are huge companies online willing to pay YOU when you send visitors to their sites who buy their products. Companies in virtually every niche you can think of including health, consumer goods, travel, make money... the list goes on.

Once you know how to find these companies, you are on your way to ending the 9 to 5 grind.

3. The Best Products in the Niche to Promote

Obviously you need to choose the best products to promote in your niche. Popular, easy to sell, high payout products are the way to go.

And with your own site, you can mix and match these products from different companies, adding even more revenue streams.

"The 2 things I loke most about Automated Paydays... how it;s laid out because it's so easy to follow. And the support. I had a few things I didin't understand at the begining and Jamie's team were great. They helped me iron our a gew issues and now I'm finally earning a regular, growing income online."

-R Jones. Ft Myers USA

4. Targeted Visitors to Your Site

Targeted visitors, who are looking for what you have on your site are the lifeblood of your online income. The Guru's will tell you that you need there super underground ninja strategies to get them... Bull****!

There are many really easy ways to get free traffic to your site. And some of these take just minutes to set up. The more you use, the more money you'll make.

5. Rinse and Repeat

You can expand your site, adding new income streams or build more sites. I know people with over 100 sites and they can churn them out in a matter of hours. Without ever touching the guru push button crap.


6. Support and Motivation

Everyone who is new to this needs a little support. So you need experienced mentors to guide you through any hiccups or questions you may have.

And motivation? A forum is a great resource when it's based around others who are using the same techniques as yourself. It's a great way to network, learn and stay motivated by showing off your successes and learning from other peoples success.

"These Are The Principles Automated Paydays
Is Based On. Genuine, Proven To Work Tactics
Along With Help And Support
When You Need It."

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